Carpet cleaning

The best carpet & rug cleaning in Leeds and Bradford compare quality and price. clean2do will inspect your carpets to provide right treatment for them. We will vacuum the carpet before deep cleaning process using high power vacuum cleaner and dry them using commercial fan. According to the carpet's fabric or type we choose right treatment such as step 1 wet scrubbing for synthetic carpets only, step 2 high pressure steam stain removing, step 3 extraction wet shampoo cleaning. step 4 drying.

  • Extraction wet cleaning with drying
  • Steam high pressure stain removing
  • Power brush scrubber cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning service provided by clean2do is designed for tenants who simply do not have time to do cleaning himself, for landlords who want to get better tenants or highest price, or for estate agency which want to sell property for higher price.

Clean2do offers an end of tenancy cleaning in Leeds & Bradford that incorporates the latest industry standards.

Our work as end of tenancy cleaner in Leeds & Bradford is provided on highest standard sins 2012 and we have 100% satisfied customers with deposits returned. Just check our reviews on google simply typing clean2do in google search we are hire to help you.

Oven Cleaning

I believe clean2do can provide the best service for oven cleaning in Leeds

Clean2do will clean your oven, hob & hood using professional cleaning products only. Your oven can be used straight after our cleaning service and enjoy cooking.

The service stages;

  • Cleaning of the entire oven inside and out
  • Cleaning of all racks and trays
  • Cleaning of the oven door & between glass shelds
  • Cleaning of the hob
  • Cleaning of the hood
  • Cleaning of the area around the oven

One of the house clean

This  service is adapted to the customer's needs and is provided strictly according with customer requirements. How it looks? One of our member stuff make a list with your assist to be sure all tasks to be done and on time. One of the clean service can contain some of unusual cleaning tasks which you can not find in any other cleaning service in Leeds & Bradford. The duration & price of this unique cleaning service to be negotiated with customer.


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